Seeking a senior-level iOS developer to create features for the Happy Scale app

About You

You’re a senior-level iOS developer who:

  • is comfortable working independently
  • is effective at managing your work schedule
  • is comfortable with remote work & async workflows
  • values clarity in communication and clear expectations
  • writes well-organized and tested code
  • strives for best-in-class experiences
  • prefers simple solutions

About Me

Hi, I’m Russ 👋

I am an independent app developer. I created Happy Scale to help people who are losing weight manage their frustration with weigh-in fluctuations and persevere in their fitness efforts.

I’ve been building this app as a bootstrapped indie since 2011. It started as a nights and weekends project, but through the years it’s grown into a full-time gig.

I want to accelerate the rate of Happy Scale development. I want you to help me by taking designs and coding them into new features.

Your Skills

Required Skills

  • Proficiency in Swift
  • UIKit: Years of experience
  • SwiftUI: Some experience
  • Clear communication
  • Comfortable working with legacy objective-c codebases
  • You can do views, controllers and layout in code (without Interface Builder)
  • Git and GitHub

Bonus Skills

  • Design, animation, accessibility
  • Developing backend services
  • Working with databases
  • Android app development
  • DevOps

My Expectations

  1. You would bring designs that are created in Figma to life.
  2. You will work visibly and regularly push code to a shared repo.
  3. You will be available as needed for occassional video calls with me sometime during regular business hours, Eastern Time, so we can coordinate.
  4. You will raise unexpected issues early and proactively.
  5. You will be constructive and solutions-oriented.
  6. You will track your progress towards objectives using a system of your preference that I can monitor.
  7. You will use system APIs instead of third-party libraries unless there’s a strong justification for the additional dependency.
  8. You will create polished work that has smooth interactions and is designed for compatibility with VoiceOver, Dynamic Type, and variable screen sizes.

Structure & Compensation

This is a contracting position.

I will share the design screenshots of a future feature with you. We will discuss the parameters of what a successful outcome looks like. You will bid on this paid project. In your bid, you will specify whether you’d prefer to work at an hourly rate or as a fixed bid.

You will invoice me at regular intervals, according to a system that you propose and we agree upon. I typically pay invoices within a day or two of receiving them.

If this engagement goes well for both of us, I expect to have other opportunities for future engagements we could discuss. I’m particularly interested in candidates who are interested in building a long-term working relationship.

Why This Role, and Why Now

People from all around the world are using Happy Scale to live healthier lives. Many of them write in with feature requests. I want help serving these requests.

As a solo developer, I’m constrained by the limits of my time. I hope to address this by working with you to take this company and the app’s rate of development to the next level.


If you have questions, or would like more details, email me at ios.questions @ this domain. I can share more details, including screenshots of the designs that you will code.

How To Apply

Who Individuals only, no agencies
Where Remote, US residents preferred
How Send an email to ios.apply @ this domain
Deadline July 31, 2021

Please include attachments that demonstrate your suitability, such as:

  • A resume
  • A link to an app you’ve contributed to
  • A pull request you’ve written for an open-source app

These are just examples. I don’t need you to include all of these things. I just ask you include what you feel would best represent what I could expect from working with you.

I’m looking forward to discovering what we can do together!